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Codding Cottage

The Codding Cottage is a modern compliment to the original Florida Bungalows that have made Laurel Park such a terrific place to live. The home was named in honor of David Codding who once owned the historic Walpole home located on an adjacent portion of the original lot. Mr. Codding was very interested in energy conservation and was a staunch environmentalist.

The home features a long list of the latest innovations in technology and green construction. Some of the features are a bit more common such as BioBased sprayed foam insulation and Low E insulated windows. Others, like the FlexLite Solar PV sytem, the rain water cistern system, and the Bryant Evolution HVAC are rarely seen. All of these products and experts have helped bring this home to a level of efficiency and sustainability not often achieved. This home has reached the rating of Platinum under the LEED for Homes v.1 scoring system. The main house along with the carriage house are the top two highest scoring homes ever certified by Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC). It’s also certified by Energy Star, Florida Yard and Neighborhood Landscape, FPL BuildSmart and the Nation Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

The Codding Cottage is a fine example of a “green” home without compromise. The architecture is traditional and keeps with the neighborhood. The home serves all of its owner’s needs and wants without being excessive or ostentatious. Sustainable construction practices, healthy product choices, energy efficient features, and water conscious design make this home as inspiring as it is beautiful.