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Phoenix at Sleepy Lagoon

Driven by a passion for the salt life and a love of the natural beauty of the area, they will leave the Northeast on a trek for the Florida Gulf Coast. The winters there are simply too cold to tolerate for any length of time. And why would they suffer those freezing temperatures when the average temperature on Longboat Key in January is 71 degrees?

However, this is no migration and the subject is not a bird. My clients cannot be referred to as “Snowbirds” either. This is a homecoming. More so, it is a new beginning; a resurrection!

“From the crown of the palm tree, there grew a flame. The flame revealed a nest. As the flames of change kissed the nest, a new being was born. This fantastic creature was born in the image of its predecessor, but it was given a new life. Indeed, it was resurrected. Behold the Phoenix!”

Many years ago, they were pulled from the area in the pursuit of better employment. All the while, they maintained a strong connection with the Gulf Coast. This is where they would spend the best years of their lives. Now is their time of rebirth.

The property they chose is on boating water on the Bay side of Longboat Key. The property is among the few undeveloped lots scattered around the island. Over the years it had been planted with a variety of tropical species including many of the common house varieties such as Ficus, rubber trees, and Areca Palms. Loving the locale, these species quickly outgrew their space. In the shadows, native Sabal Palms stretched their trunks in an effort to survive. A Phoenix Reclinata Palm sat unassumingly beneath the shadow of a large Ficus. We liberated them by removing all of the invasive varieties. We then relocated all ten of the resident Sabal Palms (our State Tree) on site.

The home, designed by celebrated local architect Mark Sultana of DSDG, Inc., is a contemporary flat. The layout is a single living level above parking and grade level outdoor spaces. The architecture is crisp and inspiring and it is sensitive to the smaller scale of the eclectic neighborhood in which it will be constructed. From the elevated balcony, the residents will enjoy watching the many local manatees as they hug the sea wall looking for warmth on chilly mornings. From grade level decks, they will get up close and personal with the abundant schools of mullet in the canal. A northern exposure to the open side of the plan will allow for the amazing breezes offered by passing cool fronts.