Sterling Park Complex

Dr. Bryan Beebe, Endodontist

2910 Bee Ridge Rd

Sterling Park Complex

Many people are familiar with the Sterling Park Complex located on Bee Ridge Rd just east of the intersection at Swift Rd. Designed by local architect Phil Skirball and constructed by Southern Cross Contracting, this beautiful modernist office complex has drawn much interest. It’s clean lines, struck block exterior and color changing LED lighting above the elevator being some of the more recognizable features. This building, however, had much more to offer.

While the building itself is not a certified ‘green’ structure, Mr. Skirball incorporated many sustainable elements into the design. A white membrane roof reflects the sun’s energy away helping to reduce inherent cooling costs. The Florida friendly landscape requires little in the way of water use. The entire parking area consists of permeable pavers that allow complete percolation of rainwater resulting in almost no run-off. These features and more made this the ideal building to complete a build-out of one of the only LEED certified dental offices in the US.

Dr. Bryan Beebe approached me after failed attempts with other local builders to design and specify what would be a LEED CI (commercial interior) facility in which to relocate his practice. Working closely with LEED AP architect Terry Osbourne, we created the groundwork for Dr. Beebe’s vision. Dr. Beebe demanded a build-out that performed as any medical facility should, looked beautiful, created a healthy environment for staff and patients, and was as environmentally friendly as possible. Dr. Beebe appreciated my 100% commitment to constructing only certified ‘green’ projects and agreed that it was necessary to the integrity of his project. The initial LEED registration pointed at a high level Silver certification. The design process did not begin until the last week of August 2009. We were able to begin work in early September.

As stated before, the building itself allowed for several opportunities on the LEED checklist. We were able to take advantage of day-lighting into the operatories on the western and southern walls. Because the units were un-finished, VOC compliancy was less complicated. Of course the items mentioned in the first paragraph assisted our efforts as well.

I always take full advantage of opportunities to reduce, re-use, and recycle and this build was no exception. Every effort was made to reduce all waste of materials by using detailed and specific estimates. Much of the flooring is actually the existing concrete slab, which has been honed and finished to reduce materials. Nothing was used that was not critical to meeting the goals set forth by the client. Re-using materials is always a challenge on new builds. Yet, we found a way to incorporate many used and/or recycled items into this project. Much of the dental equipment itself was removed from Dr. Beebe’s existing facility and incorporated into the new unit. Metal framing contained nearly 100% recycled steel. The ceiling tiles, which are no-VOC and hypo-allergenic, are also made up of 50% recycled materials. The baseboards were essentially milled from waste materials! Every item which could have possibly been recycled was taken to the proper facility rather than thrown in a dumpster and taken to landfill. Scrap metal, cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans, glass, and even the milled waste from wood doors and trim was recycled making up the majority of all project waste!

Clean air is always a major consideration in a health facility and doing it efficiently could have been a challenge. Working closely with Dennis Stroer from Calcs-Plus and Sean McCutcheon’s Air Conditioning, we were able to accomplish both. The system is a three-zoned system that is efficient, quiet, and extremely clean. All other considerations were made to air quality as well. The majority of all walls are hand-troweled with American Clay, a breathable natural clay product that is as beautiful as it is functional. The remaining walls are painted with a low VOC paint by Sherwin-Williams. All door finishes, cabinets, carpet adhesives, pipe glues, concrete floor finish, and insulations are also VOC compliant.

A reduction in water and energy consumption should be a focus of any builder in today’s world. Low use 0.8 gallon, power assist toilets were used in lieu of traditional water wasting systems. Low-flow aerators were also used to help conserve. The lighting is fluorescent and is operated entirely by space specific motion sensors throughout the office.

Dr. Beebe’s office was finished 11/06/09. It is the only ‘green’ build-out in the Sterling Park complex. I am inspired by Dr. Beebe’s commitment to an environmentally conscious build-out. In the end, he has the office he dreamed of and the community has an office that should be the rule rather than the exception.