The Power Haus

Private Residence

The Power Haus

Polo Club, Sarasota FL

Power Haus was designed to exceed every standard in green construction while maintaining the clients’ desired aesthetic and comfort requirements. It is a shining example of the level of performance and sustainability that can be achieved while maintaining a high standard of quality, comfort and design.

Power Haus received a minus 22 HERS index, the lowest ever recorded by Energy Star and the DOE Builder’s Challenge. It’s the highest scoring new LEED for Homes Platinum ever certified. Power Haus also tops the FGBC standard and NAHB’s National Green Building Standard and is certified Florida Water Star Gold and FPL Build Smart.

Power Haus effectively blends classic design technique and new technologies. The entire home is wired through the Elan Home Management System.  100% LED lighting, HVAC, security, power consumption and solar PV production, alarm and A/V are operable through any of 5 touch-screens in the home or on the residents’ iPhone or iPad.

Design plays a huge part in Power Haus’ performance and livability. Passive ventilation, passive cooling and passive lighting go hand in hand with the desired ability to open the home to the expansive views of the hardwood swamp upon which the home is situated. In many ways, it is difficult to determine the line between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. Since few materials are up to the challenge presented by this hot and humid climate, product specification and construction techniques were very important. Polished concrete floors, clay walls over mold resistant drywall, native cypress timbers used for doors, trim, cabinets and roof framing all lend to the ‘Contemporary Florida Cracker’ vernacular while offering stellar performance against the elements.

Power Haus is a beautiful home that compromises nothing while managing to shatter the ceilings perceived to exist in luxury green home building.