Mission Valley Estates

Josh Wynne Construction, Inc. is proud to announce that its recently completed Mission Valley Estates Home has been awarded a score of 242 by the FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition). With the certification of this home, Josh Wynne Construction has constructed 3 of the top 9 FGBC certified homes in the state, including the current best score of 267. Josh Wynne Construction is the only builder in the state with more than one home in the top 10.

This home is especially interesting because of its value. Great care was taken to reduce the electrical load on this home. In spite of having no gas available, and installing a swimming pool, this home achieved a HERS index of 52! This was enough to qualify this home for the DOE Builder’s Challenge. It is quite remarkable considering the total build costs were under $100/sq. ft.!

The site has a rustic, native feel reminiscent of old Florida. The neighborhood features acreage lots, many of which are used as horse paddocks. These details, along with the client’s taste, steered the architecture toward a new Ranch style. Carriage style garage doors, lap siding, open rafters, and a covered front porch complete the feeling that this home inspires.

Long eaves, large insulated, impact patio doors, and intelligently located windows of the same construction make the most of Florida’s offerings while maintaining indoor comfort. The beautiful and durable polished concrete floors help to regulate the temperatures as well. Of course none of these design features can completely replace a well designed HVAC system when the Florida summer arrives. An advanced dampering system is the heart of the Bryant Evolution installed in this home. Two zones and two fan speeds help this 22 SEER Puron system maintain a comfortable home while sipping energy.

The HVAC requirements of this home are exactly half that of a code built home of the same size! Quality windows, doors, and insulation systems along with quality construction techniques make this home air-tight!

Durability was not sacrificed for cost! The roof consists of a secondary moisture barrier and solid soffit designs to control wind driven rains in the worst of Florida’s hurricane seasons. All roof decking was glued and nailed to ensure a solid adhesion. The foundation features installed tubes for combating any future termite/pest issues with minimal expenses. All wood members from the floor to the roof peak are treated with Bora Care, a natural, safe termiticide with mold inhibiting properties. For easy maintenance, a TAEXX tubular pest control system was installed throughout the home.

Indoor air quality was addressed in all areas. The duct system was sealed at installation. A MERV 10 filter cleans the air as the HVAC system runs. Sherwin-Williams Pro Green low-VOC paints make breathing easy and alleviate concerns of toxic off-gassing associated with other paints. Even the cabinet finishes are low-VOC!

Materials management is a major factor in smart construction. 75% of the waste from this project was diverted from the landfill for recycling! Construction techniques to reduce material usage were employed including smart design, stack wall construction, and good estimating practices. Many of the products in this home contain recycled materials. Concrete countertops with 98% recycled material content, fly ash, recycled content drywall, and engineered wood products are just a few examples.

Water usage is a major issue in Florida. 520 gallons of rainwater storage capacity severely cuts the need for supplemental water in the already drought tolerant landscape. The overflow even feeds the raised bed vegetable garden! Toilet technologies allowed for the use of 1.28 gal/flush toilets while maintaining a MAP rating of 10 (out of 10) in flush power. Aerators made it simple to use our favorite fixture designs while being responsible with water flow rates.

In addition to FGBC, the home is certified by Energy Star, FPL Build Smart, and Florida Yards & Neighborhoods. It was constructed in just four months. The price included site work, fees, pool and cage.

The FGBC is a nonprofit 501(C)3 Florida corporation dedicated to improving the build environment. “Our mission is to lead and promote sustainability with environmental, economic, and social benefits through regional education and certification programs.” For more information on FGBC visit www.floridagreenbuilding.org.

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